Wounded Wood

Wounded Wood refers to the bowls, candlesticks other woodturning and other imperfect creations of Tim. In my work with people, I frequently find myself giving bowls away. People are almost always surprised and grateful to receive such a gift, even though I always am careful to tell them the bowl’s not perfect.

“But it’s beautiful,” most say. “The defects actually make it look better. Somehow more of the natural beauty comes out. Maybe that’s even why it looks as good as it does.”

Then I point to the bowl and ask them what it is.

Most look at me quizzically and tell me “It’s bowl. You just gave it to me. You made it. How can you not know?”

“Nope. It’s not really a bowl. It’s a mirror.”


 “A mirror – something you can see yourself in. Take a close look and tell me what you see.”

“I see that you’re nuts.”

“Maybe, but look anyway. See this part? It was pretty rotten. I filled it in with epoxy. Don Metz showed me how. Look - you can see your fingers right through the bowl.”

“Wow – look at that. But I can’t see my reflection in it.”

“Of course you can. Are you perfect?”

“Well…no, but…what are you asking?”

“The bowl’s not perfect either, just like you. So, it has to be a mirror of some kind, right?


“Even though it’s not perfect, it’s quite beautiful, just as you observed when I gave it to you.”


Each of the “mirrors” in the accompanying photos shoes a different dimension of the beauty of God’s creation, just as you do in your own, unique, much more complex way. Enjoy being a mirror to yourself and others!


Here are a few samples of Dcn. Tim's Wounded Wood

This is a 17" chestnut bowl. Likely as much epoxy and glue as wood. In some parts you can see right through to the other side! other areas let you peer deep into the interior of the wood. It's as beautiful as it is broken.

This s a black cherry bowl, about 8" in diameter. Were it not for the wonders of modern adhesives, this bowl could never have been turned.

This is a shallow ash bowl, about a foot in diameter. The Emerald Ash Borer has destroyed all the ash trees in the US, so this thing will soon be a collector's item.

This is a 16" salad bowl made from tulip wood. It is very light, contains gorgeous, wide markings. No glue or epoxy here - that long defect would very well have spelled doom for this bowl!